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class descriptions

ABSolute Core

ABSolute Core is a 45-minute total core class mixed with cardio.
Instructors: Ramona Darden & Morgan Fraczkowski



Intermediate to advanced circuit style training utilizing the High Intensity Interval Training method in conjunction with different training tools to challenge your strength, cardio, balance and skills.
Instructors: Ramona Darden & Morgan Fraczkowski

Pilates Therapeutics

Vinyasa yoga is movement meditation linking consciousness of breath with yoga postures. It's a mixed level class for all ages and experiences designed to challenge you to grow. The purpose of Asana yoga is to create a balanced body.
Instructor: Daina Fawn


Resistance. Endurance. Variety. R.E.V is a combination class that brings athletic cardio moves together with strength training.
Instructors: Ramona Darden & Morgan Fraczkowski

Samadhi Dance

Samadhi Dance starts with sun salutations and vinyasa, moving into high energy dance with weights, pranayama breath, and ending in Savasana. It is yoga dancing; the music is fun beats with the philosophy of yoga combined with world dance music. It teaches about the eight limbs of yoga through dance.
Instructor: Daina Fawn


Where dance and Yoga unite as one! Transcendance is a fusion of world dance, Vinyasa Yoga, breath work, and Energy balancing put to music that creates consciousness of love and happiness.
Instructor: Daina Fawn

More descriptions to come! Check back often.